Reviving the blog

For the past several years, I’ve been treating my website primarily as an online résumé of sorts – I focused on making it flashy, telling my professional story, and selling myself.

Not to say those things aren’t important, but I think my focus has been off the mark. I’m hoping that returning to blogging will help me organize my thoughts better and give me a better way to reflect on learnings. Publishing resourceful posts (hopefully) and giving employers a better picture of how I think and work are positive side effects.

“The single best thing I ever did for my career was start a blog on my own website.” – Brad Frost (@brad_frost)

Link to original tweet.

I spent a little time recycling illustrations from my previous site for this blog, and was able to write it in Gatsby fairly quickly. If you haven’t tried Gatsby yet, I highly recommend it!

I was fairly proud of my previous site, however, so I decided to keep it alive on GitHub Pages. Would like to write about the process I went through to build that sometime.

Looking forward to writing more regularly as 2019 trucks forward.